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My name is Michal. O. Michaelo I am a spiritual guide. Born in the ancient port city of Jaffa, Israel in 1955. Jaffe is a very diverse community of Jews, Muslims, and Christians that lived in their own communities. Although this was the norm, I learned from a very early aged the life lesson that we are all equal and loved in spite of our religious beliefs. I attribute this to my father, Emil Yamin Ohayan. He was an entrepreneur but most importantly he owned and operated a not-for-profit boxing club, the Gold Gloves in the early 1960s. The Club, unlike any other organization, reached out to all indiscriminate of race or religion. The programs’ goal was to affect the lives of troubled youths and instill in them the values to succeed such as self-respect, responsibility, and disciple. Our house was open to all and became a sanctuary for many of the students. Through his example, I inherited my unconditional love for mankind and the philosophy that we are all alike by being unique. My father taught that this belief will inherently improve the lives of many and create a better world.

My spiritual gift was passed down through many generations on my maternal side of the family. As I child I remembered my mother Rachel reciting her morning prayers. Afterward, she would call her siblings and someone would start with “I had a dream” followed by a ritual blessing and then the interpretation. Although I was taught that not every dream had a message, I was astute enough to decipher the ones that did. On many occasions, I was spared from harm by being aware of the message presented to me in my dreams. However, innately I knew this was not my calling and so in 1994 my spiritual journey began.

It was in that year that I began a series of reflexology treatments for an injury I suffered. Not only did I feel reenergized but my practitioner, Sarah suggested I read further into the science behind my treatment. I was so fascinated by the material and amazed at how quickly I absorbed the information. At that point, I knew I was on the path of discovering my calling or as I later realized I was searching for my unique ability, and that it would change my life forever.

My unique ability is creating tools for manifesting the unique ability and the true purpose of the self. My true purpose is teaching children and adults to know and to use their unique ability while manifesting their true purpose on earth. I am discovering the unique ability through painting the energetic painting custom-made + a mantra + sessions to assist the person being on the right path. I also created a family game for the same reason “Unique & United The Game.”

“We are all alike by being unique when united we create a better world”
– Michal O. Spiritual Coach & a Shaman

Michal O spiritual coach and a shaman

• 1989-1991:  Degree in Teaching.
• 1992-1995: Education, and the
Arts • Degree in Drama.

Professional Experience:
• 1994-1996: Drama teacher.

1994 and on I am a spiritual guide developed the energetic painting and the Sacred Geometry painting
• 1998-2000: Opened my own theater – CLI’L.
• Enrollment of 100 students ages 9-12.
• Developed the CLI”L Program teaching self-responsibility.
• 1997: CLI”L curriculum recognized by UNESCO as a Program
Without Borders.
•  2000: Authored a book explaining my method of “Self-Responsibility”.
• 2004: Awarded First Place from a field of 2500 schools for Reducing violence.
• 1999-2008: Taught CLI”L workshops to teachers, parents, and students
Product Development / Creative:
• 2009: Moved to the U.S.A., taking up residence in Malibu, CA.
• 2010 -2014: Wrote several books: Princess Leila’s Unique Weapon, Princess Rose’s Unique Ability, painted the Bright Cards (66 energetic paintings) and the accompanying booklet. Wrote a script: The Prophecy of The Flying Princess. (In this work, all my knowledge is integrated.)
• 2014: Relocated to Bristol, PA. Painted the MICHALO Keys. Created
The retail packaging for this inspired art as a Deck of Cards and Booklet with 28 Meditations.
• 2015: Wrote the book Prince Shon & The Punching Demon.
• 2016 – May 2017: Volunteered to present Story Time at Cornerstone Bookstore in Bristol every Saturday at 11:00 am and every third week on
Friday. Read stories from my books and others out loud. Led interactive games and improvisations for the children in the audience. Local Valerie
Hamilton, Executive Director of the Children of God Educational Center
(Bristol, PA.), often brought children from her preschool to my events.

May 2017- May 2018: create a family board game
“Unique and United, the Game.” Based on my spiritual work and motto: We are all alike by being Unique when United we create a better world. In this game all are winners. Teaching every member to discover and manifest their unique ability, and empowering oneself and one another through a very funny active wise game.

September 2018 -January 2019 had my internet class to teach my wisdom through guided meditation All the meditations are on Youtube here is the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFfw_EjvNMmq4hghE4_OBBA/videos

2019 focusing on painting custom- made sacred geometry painting for every subject
Contact me: for ordering your Sacred geometry painting.

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