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The BrightCards fulfilmentFounded in 2008 by Michal O. Michaelo, a spiritual guide. The Bright Cards were created in order to maintain a positive energy on a daily basis. The Bright Cards are a simplified tool used to create self-awareness, guidance, and a wonderful source of energy.

After a sixteen-year journey through inner energy transformation, Michal O. created The Bright Cards to further her positive imprint on society. The Bright Cards have proven to be a simple method used to both strengthen and implement positive thinking in order to reach successful outcomes on a daily basis.


The Bright Cards are a pleasant though powerful tool, which activates THE PINEAL GLAND by stimulating the left and right hemisphere parallel.

THE PINEAL GLAND is a vivid library of all the knowledge of earth and your soul. knowledge from the beginning of time. The pineal gland has the whole spectrum of potential from present to eternity.

The Result is a better life, an easier outlook on challenges with out of the box bright thinking while being in a positive state of mind

We can create the desired light reality only when our thinking is positive. On a daily basis, it is difficult to hold positive thinking all day long. How can we maintain a positive perception? Is there a tool to help us stay in a positive mode? Those questions led me to create the Bright Cards.

How Are The Bright Cards assisting us to maintain positive energy? 

Our brain is divided into two hemispheres. The energy of the left–brain hemisphere processes logic and mathematical calculations. The energy of the right hemisphere, our creative side, processes visual imagery, music, and art, facial recognition, and spatial imagery. Only when the two hemispheres are activated as one, the pineal gland library is open. The pineal gland has all the knowledge to open our minds to seek answers to questions beyond the obvious.

The paintings on the Bright Cards are a language of color that our right hemisphere understands. Color is a large part of the soul’s language. The word on the bottom of each card is what our left hemisphere comprehends. Together the word and the painting merge the two hemispheres to act as one. When the two hemispheres are collaborating they open the pineal gland. In this video, you can see how I use the Bright Cards
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