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Energetic Paintings + Private Key

SACRED GEOMETRY Painting/ Michal O Michaelo

Custom-made with you to connect you to your ‘Right Path’


The whole world is connected through Sacred Geometry.

Each of us has an individual natural geometry shape for each of our six major life roles:

romantic relationship,

parenthood, money & career, health, home, and spiritual growing.

When you do your best and nothing happens it is time to activate your Sacred geometry Painting.

This painting is for money & career תסריט 1
This painting is for romantic relationship romantic 1


There is Sacred geometry for every subject: Health, Fertility, Relationship, Marriage

Increase the profit in your business, Opening a new business empower partnership Etc.
My name is Michal O Michaelo I am a Spiritual Guide, I received the sacred Geometry Painting through channeling.
Let me help you find your ‘Right Path’
My web: www.michalomichaelo.com

My cellphone to order a Sacred Geometry Painting is 310-924-0462

My email michalomichaelo@gmail.com

I am located in Miami Beach working with people from all over the world


Michal. O. Michaelo

Order a custom-made SACRED GEOMETRY PAINTING for a subject that is needed assistance

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  1. I am the eye of the heart, balanced between my male and female energies, full of love and joy. I am the eye of the
    heart, the eye of the highest wisdom. I see with compassion and will make transformation when and wherever
    needed to my highest benefit, and the highest benefit of the world, human, and nature. AND SO IT IS.

  2. To kick off 2016, I have teamed up with Michal O Michaelo to explore the Master Key program
    developed in Israel and has now brought over to the US. Working with intuitive energetic painting and
    meditation, what you see here is a vision of my essence!
    Here is the link you’d like to explore her work.http://michalomichaelo.com/about-michal-o-michaelo/

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