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Unique and United The game “We are all alike by being Unique. When United we create a better world.

A dynamic, fun, Board Game for families and all kind of teams
What makes UNIQUE & UNITED – THE GAME unique?

– All are WINNERS No one is pitted against anyone else
(great for siblings).

– Deals with a unique way to solve problems based on
Universal Laws.

– Offers unique angles to the problem
– Enhance Communication skills and concepts like cooperation,
no-judgment, complimenting and gratitude!

– Players discover fascinating things about themselves
and each other!

– You get time on the board and time up on your feet.
– Perfect for movers and shakers!
-Test games with ADD/ADHD players have been awesome

– There are 54 squares, something different is happening
in every square, it’s never boring!
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