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I was a healer and turned to be spiritual guide

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For the last 25 years, I was a healer. On March 2019 I was very sick and I was asked by my spirit not to heal anymore. I was confused it is like a mother that her children left the nest, she was 24/7 occupied and all of a sudden there is nothing to do. I was healing my self and I received a gift 4 sacred geometry keys to assist me to heal my self. It is not only health healing it is for every problem to be transformed to the best potential. The 4 sacred keys are empowering the subject. I am very glad to share it with every person that is ordering a sacred geometry painting for a needed subject

How does it work?

I am painting a sacred geometry key for the subject custom-made. This painting, for example, is custom-made for the business. sandra prosperity The person has a business meeting he sends his key to the place of the meeting  followed by the 4 keys above the first from the left is

Orcan – enters light to the meeting

The second is the Highest cleaning- cleans the low energy from the meeting

The third is the Highest Healing – heal and empower the person in the meeting

The forth is Acceptance – to accept the highest potential from the meeting

I have a sacred geometry key for my business ENERGY 5I am sending my sacred key then the 4 sacred keys and miracles are happening.

Don’t wait up until it is too late. Go to cart and order a sacred geometry painting to assist you to FULFILL YOUR GOAL TO THE BEST


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