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22 cards 1 booklet 1 velvet blue bag

The 22 Michalo are keys used in order to keep your being focused on high energy,

empowering you to create a positive and desirable reality on a daily basis.

The 22 Michalo keys, are frequencies of color (the background of the key), and sacred

high light geometry (the key). They are based on quantum theory: never ending

movement of energy and form (geometric shapes) in all directions at the same time.

Product Description


THERE ARE  2 WAYS to use the 22 MICHALO keys: 1. Randomly, 2. Purposely

1.      Randomly- shuffle the cards. Fan them face down pick a card. Randomly gaze at

the key and say the mantra out loud. There is no need to do the meditation.  When you

pick randomly, it is the wish of your soul – your soul is telling you that you need this

energy during your day.  For example: If we pick the “brotherhood and sisterhood key”

on this day, we will attract team working with brotherhood and sisterhood.

2.      Purposely-  In this booklet there are twenty three different meditations. The first

meditation is meant to insert all the 22 keys and open the 22 chakras of the body. This

is a daily meditation that takes 5 minutes and allows the user to become focused on the

missions of the day.

Twenty Two Mediations for Twenty Two MICHALO Keys.

The 22 MICHALO keys are used as a transportation tool for these special energies.

These meditations are done by wanting to empower those energies in our reality.

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