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The 22 Michaelo Keys

The 22 MICHALO keys

I received the MICHALO keys by channeling. The 22 MICHALO keys are 22keys to open the 22 chakras along the body. Each chakra is an energetic center holding the relevant information about us from other incarnations to empower this lifetime. I created a deck of cards for all the keys. It has a booklet with 28 different meditations. starting with a daily meditation to empower your chakras and activate them to the best. You can order a deck of cards. Scroll down you will see some of the keys.

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1I AM (above the head)





I am high consciousness (on the crown) 2




I am guidance (on the forehead)3





4I am protected and safe (on the pineal gland)




5I am bright communication (on the upper throat)





6I am the power of light (the conection between the back of the neck and the sholder)






I am purification and blessings (on the thyroid)





I am compassion (on the upper chest)


I am infinite love (around the heart) 9





10I am health (in the heart)





11I am balanced (on the sternum)





12I am inner strength (on the solar plexus)





13I am brotherhood, sisterhood (4 fingers above the belly button)





14I am accurate (2 fingers above the belly button)





15I am expanding (on the belly button)





I16 am a leader Place two fingers below the belly button





17I am ease 4 fingers below the belly button





18I am wealthy (on the tail bone)





19I am creative ( women in the womb, men on the lower belly)





20I am fulfillment ( on the almost end of the body)





21I am earthy (on the last point of the body)





22I am the pink river ( below the feet in earth)

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